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Introducing The APO

Easy. Smart. Trusted. Private.

Your most trusted App

Help you understand and strategically expand your professional network

For every business card you receive, APO will analyze your existing private professional network and guides to identify the person in your network that would help you achieve your business objective. If you are in marketing, sales, or recruiting, with APO you can effectively and efficiently expand your professional network. Our team of incredibly bright minded scientist has dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to design and implement algorithms to qualify the strength of relationships in your network in order to guide you in the right direction.

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Features List

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Learns from your existing connections

values interactions

Based on your interactions with your contacts and past experience it qualifies the strength of your relationships with your contacts.

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Scan Business Cards and Find Connections

Store on your private cloud

Scan business cards and manage them in the cloud with APO. Instantly find the people and companies in your network that are connected the scanned card.

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Share leads with Enterprise

Share what you want with Salesforce.com

Impress your boss and peers by selectively introducing highly qualified leads to the enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Industry-Leading App, Here to Help

Is this another business card scanner that sends card data to Salesforce.com?

It is significantly more intelligent. First, it qualifies every card based on your personal network. Second, it provides you with more data than it is on the card. Thrids, it gives you the choice to share with the enterprise.

Is this really my private cloud? Aren't you sharing my data with other users?

Plane and simple: NO. We build learning models for you and the suggestions are for you based on your personal network.

How do you charge and when would be available?

We will charge based on Micro-transactions that you pay with APO Credits. 
We are currently alpha testing the service and hope to be generally available by March 2019.

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